Welcome to Your Thriving Life!

Welcome to Your Thriving Life!


Because that’s the meaning and purpose of Life:




Life is not about pursuing happiness.

It’s about learning how to BE happy. 



The kind of happiness that arises naturally and effortlessly from within us,
when our most genuine life-needs and dreams are nourished and fulfilled …

not from dominating, dehumanizing, or exploiting others or the Earth,
but from a lived commitment to co-creating a world that works for ALL.   



In the end, we all just want to be loved, secure, and happy.

Maybe like me, you were taught you had to work hard to make enough money to be able to buy the stuff that would make you secure and worthy, wanted and happy.  Good job (with intensive work hours), nice house (with big mortgage), nice car (with sizable monthly payments), vacations (to get away from the rat race), the whole thing. 

Unfortunately, we’ve now all seen that the promises of our mainstream world never actually get delivered.  


If we didn’t realize it before 2008, or before the pandemic, by now it’s become inescapably clear: 

it’s not money, property, power, or status that “buys” security, belonging, or happiness.

(These kinds of wealth certainly can create some ease and some security … while we have it. But then, no matter how much of this kind of wealth we have, in our mainstream, dog-eat-dog world there’s always the chance we’ll lose it.)


The good news is that there’s nothing wrong with humanity itself.  And there’s nothing wrong with you.  We just live in a mainstream culture that’s disconnected from the deepest truths about how Life and humans actually work.  A culture that doesn’t honor the Life within us or the Life around us. 


This is why our mainstream human world doesn’t work for  anyone — not humans, animals, or Earth.
It’s not designed for HONORABLE THRIVING.



The Thriving Roadmap provides a practical pathway to honorable thriving:  that is, the essential things that human beings need to experience real security, belonging, happiness

… without wrecking the planet or each other.


The Thriving Roadmap is specially designed for actual, everyday humans like you and me, who are living actual, everyday lives.


It actually worksguaranteed — because it’s based on more than 45 years of real-life, down-to-earth research and testing.


Research and testing I started because I longed for my own security belonging, and happiness. That included other people (who, as we all know, can sometimes be pretty hard to make any sense of).  


The Thriving Roadmap brings together key elements from Neuroscience, Attachment Theory, Nonviolent/Compassionate Communication (NVC), and Somatic Empathy

and integrates them with the “real life, real human” Thriving Life principles, distinctions, and practices that create honorable thriving in our relationships, health, livelihood, and life.


When honorable THRIVING becomes the purpose, goal, and currency of all we do — from our personal life and relationships to our economics, politics, education, health care, business, and all our other endeavors — we become free to create the abundantly joyful, healthy, wonderful THRIVING LIFE that’s our birthright. 


(And discover perhaps the only pathway that can truly heal our hurting world.)



It’s your BIRTHRIGHT to THRIVE within a healthy, resonant community of authentic individuality; genuine belonging; responsive, well-boundaried support; and joyfully empowered accountability that honors all of Life.


Take your first step, guided by The Thriving Roadmap, and discover the  beautifully workable life and world you were born to create and enjoy.


You can START your journey HERE.

And welcome home to our Thriving Community, co-creating a world that WORKS. 








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