100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



One of our core defining Thriving Life principles is honorable thriving. 

This means we don’t ever want to benefit at someone else’s expense.

“We” also includes you — that is, when you participate in our offerings and services, you agree that you don’t want to benefit at our expense, either.

How our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Agreement works:100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • If you make a monetary investment in one of our group offerings that doesn’t enlighten, nourish, and empower you … so that you feel delighted with what you received in return for your investment, we will return part or all of your investment.
  • How does the refund process work?  We have an openhearted conversation about:
    • what we have delivered to you and the apportioned costs and effort involved in that
    • what you invested in the offering
    • how you have participated in the offering
    • what you have received from the offering — the difference it has and hasn’t made for you, thus far
    • and then we come to a mutually satisfying agreement about the amount of your investment that we’ll return to you, that honors all of these truths


For our private offerings:

  • We offer a complimentary Thriving Breakthrough Consult, so that you can “test drive” what it’s like to work with me before making any financial investment. 
  • In addition, “Deepen the Journey” packages may only be purchased after you’ve experienced at least one paid private session. 

This way, you always know up front, what you’ll be getting.


There you go. Feel free to explore all our offerings and services risk-free!

Just another way we live what we teach.

To your delighted thriving,

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