Amazing Relationships – Dating, Romance, and Partnership

Amazing Relationships:
Dating, Romance, and Partnership


“This was life-changing. Just incredible.”
–Tom Esch, Esch Consulting

“I have a lot more skills and more power now, I feel hopeful and
inspired … my next relationship can be amazing!”
— Meghan R.

“This was spectacular!” –Tim B., NVC Trainer         

“Wow! There’s a way that works!” — J.P.



you long for that special, amazing connection that makes your heart sing,

that fills you with a sense of acceptance, belonging, communion, and limitless possibility.


But, it can be so hard to find the right person. And when we find someone who thrills us, how can we be our real selves and ask for what we really want, and still be attractive and not scare them away?


And in the beginning, our romantic relationships do enchant, celebrate, and nourish us. But over time, something always seems to change.


What happens to the delicious enchantment we feel for each other?

Why do we sometimes feel as if our beloved is our enemy?

Why do our best efforts to restore that lovely sense of attunement fail so much of the time, leaving us hurt, disappointed, angry, or even resentful?


This acclaimed course provides singles, couples, and those considering uncoupling with an extraordinarily compassionate, safe, honest opportunity to discover what it takes to create, sustain, and restore genuinely satisfying romantic connection, including:

  • The Alchemical Relationship Road Map that finally makes sense of the stuff that goes on in dating and romantic relationships
  • The deeply empowering Relational Neuroscience and Attachment Theory behind the intense attraction, desperation, bliss, confusion, fulfillment, and anguish that romantic connection can stir up in us
  • The 7 Essential “Relationship Readiness Skills” that are absolutely required, to make romantic relationships work (your Relationship needs these like your body needs air and water)
  • The Powerful #1 Antidote for Loneliness (that you can need even when you’re coupled)

as well as:

How our "Broken Toes" Sabotage our Relationships
How our “Broken Toes” Sabotage Our Relationships!
  • What stops you from being your true self and asking for what you want (or from saying “no” to what you don’t want), and how you can reclaim that power and freedom
  • How you’re unwittingly trapping your date or partner into being exactly what you don’t want, and how you can stop this unconscious self-sabotage
  • How to know when it’s time to let a connection go, and
  • 3 things you can do to make any relationship outcome (even uncoupling) a positive experience

Come learn from powerfully authentic, real-life stories of pain, discovery, transformation, restored connection, and joy that will leave you inspired, excited, and clear about how to fulfill on what’s
possible for you in your current or future romantic relationship.

You CAN HAVE the safety, acceptance, belonging, and joy that truly is your Relationship BIRTHRIGHT.




This 7-Week LIVE Online Program Includes:

  • A fully human, authentic, expert course facilitator
  • A group of safe, compassionate, resonant fellow-travelers
  • 7 LIVE online sessions, plus audio recordings and handouts
  • Introduction to Compassionate Noticing Mindfulness (a powerful relationship communication tool that transforms difficult conversations effortlessly)
  • Practice buddy each week (deeply transformational and community/connection-building!)
  • Support if you have to miss a session (session recording + review with your buddy)


Program Bonuses:

These Powerful Resources will help you Manage and Dissolve Reactivity, Strengthen Your Boundaries, and Blossom Your Thriving, including:

  • TWO Thriving Fundamentals Interactive Video Programs:  one for you, and one to gift to a friend or loved one ($250 value)
  • 50% off one Private or Relationship Coaching Session (up to $105 value)
  • Brain Calming Tools & Practices – Online Course ($95 value)
  • TOTAL BONUS VALUE = up to $450


Special Offers:

  • $50 Off Tuition for:
    • Registering with a Friend (at least one of you are NEW to Thriving Life)
    • Past Thriving in the Woods Camping Retreat participants
    • Past Healthy Boundaries or Power to Thrive Program participants
    • Current Compassionate Noticing or Presence Practice learning community members (4 sessions within 60 days of registration)
    • Past Coaching or Brainspotting Clients
  • $100 Off Tuition for:
    • Current Coaching Clients (last session or package purchase within 90 days)
    • Past Amazing Relationships Program participants
  • Full credit for past Thriving Fundamentals paid tuition






Vika Miller, MA



Next offering coming Fall 2022



Choose your preferred format:

  • Live Online (Zoom)
  • Home Study (access the Fall 2022 Live Program recordings any time, at your own pace)


Tuition Levels:

  • $495 Standard Tuition (see above for available special offers!)
  • $695 Patron Contribution (help support our partial scholarship program)
  • $145  By special arrangement (students, COVID-19, and special circumstances; please apply here).  Excludes discounts.
  • Payment plans are available, please propose what will work for you!


100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guaranteed.







Welcome to Life and Relationship As They Were Meant To Be.



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