Solve the Mystery of Your “People Problems”

Solve the Mystery of Your “People Problems”



“I’ve never seen NVC presented in this way before,
I learned so much from Vika’s [Thriving Fundamentals workshop]!
— Yonmi Lee, CNVC Certified Trainer, Korea


“Vika … is a master communicator [with] a masterful understanding….
Both my marriage and my business have benefitted a great deal….
And the “Solve the Mystery” workshop knocked my socks off.
— Tom Esch, President, Esch Consulting, LLC, Minneapolis, MN


“I cannot recommend this enough.
It’s fascinating, full of learning, absolutely life-changing.”
— Tiffany B.C., Portland, OR


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This acclaimed workshop distills key findings from Relational Neuroscience, Attachment Theory,
Somatics, NVC/Compassionate Communication, and Thriving Life principles into
down-to-earth, powerful stories; experiential learning; and
easy-to-understand tools you can take with you and immediately begin to use

to resolve your “people problems” at home, at work, and in your local and global communities.

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Are you having “people problems”?

Are your “people problems” costing you or your business time, money, happiness, health, or sustainability?


What if you understood what’s going on when things “go wrong” …

and what you can do about it that actually works?


You probably want to be heard and understood. To have the other person see your point of view. To come to agreement without much confusion or struggle. To understand other people’s choices and behavior.

I bet you want to feel secure and relaxed, and to know that you’re respected:  that your value and humanity are recognized and that your well-being matters.  You want things to go smoothly.

You want people to honor their agreements.

And ideally, you’d like to really enjoy others and feel great about your relationships. Not just at home, but at work and in your communities, too.


Because seriously. There’s nothing worse than a “bad relationship,” no matter where it happens.

Unfortunately, we’re all been taught a lot of ways to try to communicate that just don’t work.  And often make things worse.  (MUCH worse…)

All too often, our best efforts are devastatingly misunderstood.


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Does This Sound Familiar?

The truth is, for a very long time even psychologists haven’t had any idea what makes people tick,
what creates or restores understanding or positive connection, or what’s going on when people say and do things that seem a little crazy to us.

Until now.


Thanks to key advances in our understanding of how stress affects our brains and our relationships, we now have genuinely effective answers to these questions.



This training has been praised by PhD Psychologists, Certified NVC Trainers, and highly experienced therapists as one of the most powerful and helpful they’ve ever seen.  Both personally and professionally.


Bring the “people problems” you’re facing in your life and discover:

  • How to Keep Relationship Difficulties at Home or at Work from Draining Your Time, Money, Happiness, or Health
  • The #1 Sure-Fire Way To Make Things Worse (there’s about a 99% chance that you’re doing this)
  • Why We So Often Don’t Agree with Others about “What Happened,” and what you can do to resolve that
  • What Creates “Crazy” Behavior in us and others (because we ALL do it), the neurological reasons why compassion is such an essential response, and how you can reduce how often the “crazy stuff” happens — and the very real, very costly damage it can cause
  • The 6 Different Brain States that we humans have, and what you can reasonably expect from yourself or others, when in each one of them (one of the most powerful tools you will ever use; perfect to take home to your kids, too!)
  • Why People Break Agreements without even seeming to care about the impact on you, and how you can prevent this
  • How to Restore a Sense of Safety, Calm, and Choice when things aren’t going so well, right in the moment
  • Why Being Compassionate or Empathetic Doesn’t Always Help (and can even make things worse), and how to know when NOT to offer these
  • Why Pointing Out “The Facts” Doesn’t Always Help (and can even make things worse), and how to know when NOT to do this
  • A 4-Step Guide to Effective Communication and Thriving Relationships that consistency creates genuine, mutual understanding, respect, peace, and thriving … and often makes our dearest dreams for connecting and co-creating come true   (NOTE: Although elements of Nonviolent/Compassionate Communication are part of all that I offer, these are not the same as the 4 basic steps of NVC)

Come be astonished. Transform confusing or even crazy moments with clarity, compassion, and empowerment … in just a few hours.


THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU, if you’re having “people problems,” including:

  • Couples
  • Small Business Owners and Corporate Managers, especially HR, Sales, and Customer Service
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Therapists, Counselors, and Social Workers
  • Parents
  • Singles getting back into dating (or wondering what happened in the past)
  • Neighbors
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • NVC Practitioners and Trainers (even CNVC Certified Trainers say the portions of this workshop that incorporate NVC offer the most practical, easy-to-understand approach to teaching and learning NVC that they’ve ever seen)
  • Politicians
  • Activists
  • Anyone working with individuals or groups
  • Anyone who wants to better understand themselves or other people


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“[Vika’s] understanding and practice of NVC (including her integration of
brain science, NVC, and her Thriving Life principles) is so impressive,

I’ve integrated key elements of her approach into my own work.
— Fred Sly, PhD, CNVC Certified Trainer, Portland OR USA




Vika Miller, MA



  • Online Zoom Webinar
    Coming Summer 2022
  • In Person, Minneapolis, MN  
    Coming Fall 2022



    • $295 Standard Tuition
    • $395 Patron Contribution (helps fund our partial scholarship program)
    • $95 Students and Special Circumstances (partial scholarship program, limited availability)

100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guaranteed.







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