Offerings & Services

Offerings & Services



I offer classes, workshops, practice groups, and retreats in person in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota and Portland, Oregon and other locations by invitation, as well as online.


All of my offerings:

  • Build a deep sense of authentic belonging and safety (build “earned secure attachment”)

  • Invite your authentic self-expression and contribution

  • Build your skills at discerning what is truly RIGHT, RIPE, and ALIVE … for YOU

  • Expand your capacity for authentic, resonant presence; organic compassion; and powerful, values-aligned choice in any circumstance

  • Develop your mastery at navigating what serves you best, while considering and honoring others’ thriving


Explore these offerings and events for more details:

  • Healthy Boundaries: The Path to THRIVING (Online, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Portland) – powerful Thriving Skills development. Choose one situation where you’re experiencing a loss of power, freedom, or connection and transform it to your satisfaction by the end of the course … guaranteed. (Includes an almost invisible, practical application of NVC; appropriate for all levels of NVC experience).
  • Learning Communities/Practice Groups
    • Compassionate Noticing Mindfulness Practice  – Learn how to have your feelings without them “having” you.  Develop the capacity to be at authentic choice, regardless of what’s going on inside or outside of you.
    • Presence Practice Group Exploration and Coaching  – Got Upsets?  Pain is the fire alarm, letting us know important life-needs aren’t met. Don’t stop with the upset! Learn how to hear the wisdom and guidance of your pain and complete the Pain Cycle all the way through to the relief, fulfillment, and joy that’s waiting for you. (This work is for deep celebrations, too!)  A profoundly effective and highly affordable alternative to personal and relationship coaching.


Special Resources*

For a decade now, I’ve been researching the most effective ways of resolving mild to severe trauma, which we all have, that shows up in our everyday lives as reactivity (fight/anger/”temper,” flight, appease, and freeze/numb/shut down), anxiety, depression, overwhelm, stuckness, inflexibility, being “controlling,” etc.

Essentially all the things that interfere with our ability to blossom our own thriving.

Thriving Life provides the roadmap that empowers us to navigate this inner territory.  The vast majority of us have “inner orphans” that, in one way or another, are interfering with our everyday thriving by hijacking our power, freedom, self-expression, peace, and fulfillment.

After  a decade of personal and professional research, I’ve found two resources that are dramatically more effective (faster, cheaper, deeper, more stable) than all the others:


  • Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) —  Very well researched and proven to be extremely effective.  In a 30-minute procedure, recipients receive profound and immediate relief from a brain that had been “stuck on ‘alarm’.”  Research has shown most people (more than 90%) only need one treatment, a few need two, and a small minority need 3 treatments to get full, lasting results. SGB is also an invasive, expensive procedure with some risk. Click here for a basic overview. Click here to download a PDF of the research the U.S. military did on this procedure. There are several SGB providers now in Portland, click here for one list. In the Seattle area, naturopath Dr. Forrest Dobbs appears to charge $650 per procedure.


  • QNRT (Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy).  Due to the risks and cost involved for stellate ganglion block, my first recommendation is always QNRT.  I have extensive personal experience with it, and this is where I send my clients and friends for the best, fastest, easiest, deepest, and least expensive “brain rewiring” I’ve yet found. Click here for my full QNRT overview, including what a session is like and where to find a practitioner.





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