Presence Practice – Depth Work Group

Presence Practice
Depth Work Group



“I found [Presence Practice] to be incredibly supportive … for growth and healing.
It feels amazing to … practice expression in a safe environment and to also
learn how to cultivate an even stronger space for others to do the same.  Thank you Vika.”
— Tanya W., Marketing and Brand Consultant, Los Angeles, CA


“When people ask me about my life,
close to top of the list of the good is my experience of [Presence Practice].

[Y]our humanity, intelligence and vulnerability keeps me coming each week.
Your willingness to be ” imperfect” is a kind of game changer for me.
I feel so grateful to be a part of this community.” 
— M.R., retired therapist, Portland, OR


I feel a great deal of support [from] the connections and caring in our group.
[Presence Practice] has been a source of comfort and strength for me.
My life is better because of you. Thank you!!”
— Sherie S., Eagle Creek, OR


Presence Practice continues to have a bigger impact on me
than almost anything else in my life. It’s an immense relief
to be able to enter into it every week with you and the gang.
Expansive thanks!”
— Cal D., Olympia, WA


“Listening to you all I don’t feel so lost, I feel so calm.
Its been so long since I’ve been with [people who are]
so present with their feelings.”
— Karen S., Vancouver, WA
[after her FIRST Presence Practice group]


“Presence Practice has brought me healing and transformation and given me depths of trust,
connection, and community that I’ve never experienced before.”
— Bradford S., Reno, NV




How our "Broken Toes" Sabotage our Relationships
Discover How our “Broken Toes” Sabotage Our Relationships!

Are you wrestling with your own or others’ reactivity or “negative” emotions, or sometimes have trouble living your values?

Struggling with being able to “do (or Be) NVC” when you’re upset?

Longing for more authentic connection with others? 

Seeking a place where you can Be and bring everything you are, and be held with deep compassion and respect?

Hungry for more understanding, awareness, and authentic choice in your life?

Willing to discover the hidden ways your own perceptions, words, and
actions might be helping create what you don’t want or enjoy?


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Presence Practice Depth Work provides powerful, extraordinarily support similar to individual sessions, with the added benefit of resonant community that helps us build earned secure attachment — that deep sense of being welcomed and belonging in a village.  All at a fraction of the investment of individual sessions.

Experience this profoundly safe place where you can connect with yourself and more deeply develop the “presence muscles” you need to be able to witness and hold the full spectrum of your own and others’ discomfort, distress, and reactivity with compassion, awareness, and response-ability — the foundations of authentic choice.

Presence Practice Depth Work is perfect for anyone with a significant sense of personal empowerment who’s longing to develop a greater capacity for:

  • authentic connection with self, Life, and others
  • resonant empathy with self and others
  • mindfulness (awareness), presence, self-management, and choice
  • “turning towards” difficult emotions; receiving their revitalizing gifts; and releasing old, stuck pain and patterns from the past
  • discovering the hidden factors that are creating persistent, unresolved disconnection, conflict, or upset with other people;
  • genuinely meeting needs (your own and others’) in a way that supports everyone’s thriving
  • remaining at peace in the midst of even the most challenging circumstances (whether internal or external)

In this sensitively coached circle we learn and practice a variety of distinctions, tools, methods, and processes (guided by participants’ requests and the facilitator’s suggestions), including resonant empathy (including resonantly guessing feelings and needs), reflection, somatic expression, role-playing, the Inner Path, Inner Parts work, and others.

We are a deeply authentic, transparent community where you can Be and bring everything you are and receive compassionate support for regaining your authentic power and choice.

Come join us. (And, welcome home.)



PREREQUISITES: Essential Personal Readiness and Ongoing Commitments:

  • A profound commitment to practicing holding ourselves and others with dignity, compassion, and shared humanity.
  • A belief that we are each ultimately responsible for our own well-being, and a sense of basic empowerment to meet our own needs, both through our own inner resources and through a willingness to request and receive the support of others.   (Please note: this is not a therapy group, it is a mutually supportive community.)
  • A willingness to build our capacity to shift from blaming or judging (self or others) and being “caught up in our self-protective stories” to compassionately, curiously discovering what is actually happening within ourselves and others, including looking within* for the “broken toes” that are the source of most of our upsets/reactivity.
  • A lived, ongoing commitment to a daily mindfulness practice
  • A capacity and willingness to notice and directly experience present-moment body sensations, feelings, thoughts, and impulses.


The “issue” may be arising from something outside of us that is of genuine concern, but our experience has shown that our reactivity/upset and most of our “unbearable” pain arises from something within us that we’re not yet fully connected to … including unresolved painful experiences from our past. For more information watch my “Broken Toe” video (above), and also click here.


Click here for Presence Practice Overview and Principles.





(4 hour workshop, Coming SUMMER 2022)

  • $45 Standard Tuition
  • $95 Patron Contribution (helps fund our partial scholarship program)
  • $25-$15 Students and Special Circumstances (partial scholarship program, limited availability)


(6 sessions, 2.5 hours each; Coming SUMMER 2022)

  • $225 Standard Tuition
  • $325 Patron Contribution (helps fund our partial scholarship program)
  • $125-$65 Students and Special Circumstances (partial scholarship program, limited availability)


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