Personal & Relationship Coaching

Personal and Relationship Coaching



“I’ve found Vika and her work to be both mind-bogglingly effective and heart-opening
She’s always authentic about her own humanity, and her uncanny ability to reach out to people,
empathize with them, and connect deeply with them is unique in my experience

The relationship coaching that she has done for me and my wife
has opened up a new world of connection for us
that I never dreamed possible.

The individual coaching that she’s done for me has helped me to release shame and guilt,
and learn how to both maintain my boundaries and open up to other people more easily

— David L., PhD. Music historian, Author, & Energy Healer, Brazil


“This is the best money I’ve ever spent.”
— Casey M, MD, Metabolic Health Educator, Bend, OR


“Thanks for all your support! I went to the doctor yesterday and my blood pressure was 110.
It’s usually up in the high 130s
, and I’ll bet that that low blood pressure has to do with
being less distressed.
Yay, and thanks!” 
— Joe M., Independent NVC Trainer, Portland, OR


Vika Miller is one of the most gifted, personally authentic people I’ve ever met.

Perhaps because she has done her own inner work at the deepest levels,
she has a rare, astonishing knack for sharing advanced psycho-neurological information
in easily understandable, practical, and deeply empowering stories, characters, tools, and practices

She listens from a very deep and present level.  I recommend her at the highest levels as teacher, coach, or mentor.
— Jeffry Jeanetta-Wark, MA., LICSW, Holistic Psychotherapist,
Center for Integrated Well-Being, Minneapolis, MN


Are you longing to get fast, affordable, transformational clarity about:

  • What’s really going on in the troublesome parts of your life or relationship(s), and what kinds of authentic, effective action you can take (that won’t drain you)?
  • How to regain your sense of joy and vitality?
  • What will bring you genuine relief, confidence, and peace as you move beyond old stuck-points into new possibilities and fulfillments?


Would it be lovely to get more personal, focused support than a group experience or “doing it on your own” can provide?

Inevitably as we make our personal journeys inward to identify, release, and move beyond old, unresolved pain and present-situation upsets we encounter roadblocks, stuckpoints, confusion, exhaustion, a need for a new perspective, more clarity, renewed hope or inspiration, or just a place where All That We Are can be fully Seen, accepted, and embraced with clarity, compassion, welcoming, and tenderness.

ALL of us also experience times when we have real issues with the people in our lives, but can’t see how to get reconnected to the clarity and personal power that we need to be able to make authentic choices that genuinely support our own blossoming and free us to live our most cherished values.

At these times we really need empowering, enlivening, effective outside support.

Connecting more deeply, authentically, and reliably with our own NATURAL capacity for clarity, choice, and life-aligned action often generates the very shifts in our relationships with others and/or our circumstances that we’ve been so deeply longing for.



Personal (1 on 1) Coaching Sessions offer a deeply safe, honoring, attuned space that restores your natural connection to your own core values and inner wisdom, and gently illuminates and powerfully updates old beliefs and self-protective strategies so that your “survival” and “thriving” brains are no longer battling each other … or other important people in your life. 

Relationship Coaching
always begins with one or two Personal Coaching Sessions for each person, to fully hear and honor all truths and perspectives, and to accurately discern where the difficulties are arising. 

The Relationship Coaching Sessions that follow support you both in truly hearing and understanding each other, including getting clear about what the real, present-day issues are, and distinguishing which parts of the trouble is arising from old “survival brain” stuff that’s getting overlaid onto present-moment interactions. 

With deep dignity, safety, and honor, we recognize where there are new opportunities for each of you to more fully live your values, and empower each of you to resolve key aspects of both past and present injuries (whether between you and/or involving others), creating a new clearing for authentic, trustworthy, connection and workability at minimum, and if desired, profound relationship transformation, joy, and attunement.

Relationship Coaching is available for romantic partners, parents and adult children, business partners, neighbors, community members, and friends.



I bring a lifetime of my own deepest human journey and more than 35 years of experience providing transformational support that makes a dramatic difference for the people I serve, in a very short period of time. 

Come experience the clarity, empowerment, freedom, peace, and joy that’s your birthright!

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